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#2 - Building, Floors, and Floorplans

Your company’s Teem account needs to have its structure built out to match your organization’s physical space.


  • Customer Project Team - Send the marked-up floorplan to the Implementation Team.

  • Teem Implementation Team and Customer Project Team - Set up the locations and your floorplans.


Before you set up your buildings, floors, etc it is important to understand the space hierarchy and how Teem uses inheritance and overrides to apply a consistent way of using your devices across your organization.  See Space Hierarchy and Override Settings

Initial Setup of your Locations

Your campuses, buildings, and floors for your organization can be quickly added manually to Teem. Learn how to add the following:

  1. Campus, see Add, Edit, or Delete a Campus
  2. Building, see Add, Edit, or Delete a Floor
  3. Floor, see Add, Edit, or Delete Building

Initial Setup of your Floorplans

Your floors can be set up with floorplans in Teem during or after onboarding.

  1. Complete the Prepare and Submit a Floor Plan.
  2. Send the floorplans to the Implementation Team and they will set up the floorplans and any subsequent updates.

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