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Use the List View to find a Desk or Space

The Spaces screen lets you change from a Map View to a List View, which can be used to book your desired desk or space.

From the menu, tap the Spacesclipboard_e81057dea567cc5b259833c8f39dacf22.pngIcon and the Spaces screen displays.

TEEM Mobile Map Full Floor.jpg

You can find all of the the available spaces in an ordered list. Remember, if a filter is used, the list results will be slightly differend.

Tap the List   icon to display the list view.

TEEM Mobile Map List View.jpg

You can toggle between the tabs to find spaces.

  • All - Shows all spaces that match the filter settings
  • Frequent - Shows any space that matches the filters and has been booked repeatedly in the past. Limits to the top 10 results. 
  • Nearby - Shows any space that matches the filters and shows up as nearby via Room Displays (EventBoard) beacons and room sensors. 

To return to the Map screen, tap the Spaces clipboard_e81057dea567cc5b259833c8f39dacf22.png icon.