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2024 April EventBoard App iOS Product Release

April's release includes:

  • Amenities Alphabetical Order Enhancement
  • Room is not reservable Message Enhancement
  • No Wi-Fi Icon Enhancement

Amenities Alphabetical Order Enhancement

Released April 30th

The amenities now display in alphabetical order.


Room is not reservable Message Enhancement

Released April 30th

When a room has the setting “Allow Reservations” set to off, this will gray out the room on the floor plan and now if the user taps the room a popup will display with the message “Room is not reservable. Your organization has disabled booking for this room”.


No Wi-Fi Icon Enhancement

Released April 30th

No Wi-Fi icon will be updated to a new icon.





General Maintenance

Released April 30th

  • We did some maintenance behind the scenes to keep the engine running smoothly.