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Teem Knowledge Center Refresh - Progress to June 2022

In 2022 Teem's knowledge is getting refreshed!

We have split the knowledge into the areas of Employee and Admin so that your employees can focus on what matters to them.


Space Booking now covers how to use Teem to make bookings via the:

Visitor Management is for you Lobby Manage, Lobby Administrator, or Receptionist. This team can schedule and track visitors from check-in to departure and your Visitors will have a smooth experience where they can complete the visitor check-in.

Wayfinding is completed through:

  • Finder is a Space Booking and Wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community.
  • Flightboard is an employee room status availability tool similar to what you would find at an airport. It will display Wayfinding information for meeting rooms and their status in a list so that employees can quickly find a meeting room that is available. 


Here, we will focus on the new section called Onboarding Checklist for Teems which will describe what decisions your business needs to make before commencing the implementation and what the implementation steps are to get your business up and running on Teem Web, Calendar Plug-ins, EventBoard App, LobbyConnect, and the Mobile App. Also, we will be reviewing the Admin articles to make sure any ongoing maintenance or administration can be completed quickly.