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Release Notes - March 2022

Here's a summary of the enhancements and updates we've made to Teem during March 2022. 

Plug-In v5.7.2 for Chrome, Outlook Web App, and Outlook Organizational Install

  • Update to maps so they now render the same as with Flightboard
  • Resolves cache issues when adding/removing spaces.
  • Chrome: fixed an issue where desks were not getting added correctly

Plug-ins will update automatically upon launch after the release. Plug-ins installed using the EXE Windows Installation method are no longer receiving updates but will continue to function as they do today. Customers that want to receive updates will need to install using the Organization Install method.

EventBoard v2.17.0 for Crestron

EventBoard v2.17.0 for Crestron display panels will be available on the Crestron marketplace March 17th


Items included in these updates include: 


  • Resolved issue with Task Lock mode  
  • Added auto check-in for adhoc meetings 
  • Resolved registration issues for devices with conflicting MDM solutions 

 Feature/UI Changes 

  • Refine layout for upcoming events 
  • Better support for custom themes 
  • Adjust portrait mode for adjacent remainder 

Recommended Action: If you have Crestron panels running EventBoard, plan to update your devices during off-hours. For large deployments, we recommend updating a section or floor at a time to ensure a successful update.  

No action is needed for iOS or non-Crestron Android devices.