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Release Notes - Teem Web - March 2021

Teem Web - Admin Floor Plan View Within Location Directory

Release March 2021

Admins can now manage their rooms and desks from a visual floor plan view. The new addition to the Location Directory page makes it easier for admins to adjust settings of a specific space from a bird’s eye view, or make changes to their space strategy with proximity information readily accessible.

This update is available to all Enterprise customers, but you will need at least one map on your Teem account to use the admin floor plan view.  

Floor plans in Location Directory

Prior to this release, maps were used for employee end users to easily book available spaces and easily navigate to the space. Now, admins are able to access the same benefits of spatial context and proximity while managing their workspace.

Navigate to Manage > Location Directory > and pick the Floor you want to view. If the Floor has a map associated, it will be displayed at the top of the page. From the map view in Location Directory, admins can toggle, rotate, and zoom on the map view.

The tabs for other space types and settings for that floor are located underneath the floor plan view and have not changed. Read more information about location hierarchy and setting inheritance here. Spaces that are licensed can be clicked to quickly navigate to their settings to make changes. 

Adding the floor plan view to the management dashboard is the first step of many Teem is working on to enhance the admin space tools. Stay tuned for additional enhancements. Floor plans and maps improve the employee experience by making it simple for end users to book rooms and navigate to them. They also give admins proximity information while managing and strategically planning a floor layout.