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Release Notes - Teem Plug-in - October 2021

Teem Plug-in Updates and Changes to Outlook Install Method

Released October 2021

The Teem Plug-in for Outlook and Google Calendar Chrome Extension has received exciting updates to design and functionality, making the end-user experience more consistent across Teem’s booking ecosystem.

With this release, we also no longer support the ClickOnce and Windows Installer methods for installing the Outlook Plug-in. We recommend using the Organization Install method for deploying the Outlook Plug-in to your users. Read below for more detailed information and recommended actions.

New Updates for Outlook and Chrome Extension

Updates included in this release:

  • Maps in Plug-in now match the look and feel of Finder.
  • Labels and rotation issues resolved.
  • Space availability status on Map with respective date and time filter.
  • Desk spaces now have labels (may need to zoom in to view due to the smaller footprint).
  • Removed red status color for accessibility and standardized colors across platforms. 

No Longer Supporting ClickOnce or Windows Installer for Outlook Plug-In 

As of October 27, 2021, we are no longer supporting the ClickOnce or Windows Installer (EXE) methods for deploying the Teem Outlook Plug-In. This means new features, including those mentioned above, will not be available to users that installed Teem Plug-In using those methods. Plug-Ins installed with these two methods will continue to function as expected, and end users can continue using it to book desks or rooms, pre-register guests, and add Meeting Services to reservations. For better support and functionality, we recommend organizations utilize the Organization Install method to receive the latest Outlook Plug-In updates automatically.

Microsoft now allows Organizations to install add-ins for users selectively. This means your admin can choose which teams and users gain access to the Teem Plug-in when installed. For more information about how to install, check out our support documentation or Microsoft’s steps. (links)


Do I need to take any action if I am using the Chrome Extension for Google Calendar?

No, the Chrome Extension will continue to receive updates uninterrupted. No action is needed regarding this update.

What do I need to do to receive updates for Outlook Plug-In?

No action is needed if you installed the Teem Outlook Plug-in using the Organizational Install method. New updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, keeping your end users' tools up to date. 

How do I install the Teem Plug-in?

Follow these instructions for installing the Plug-in on Outlook or Chrome. Contact support or your account manager if you need assistance. 

Which versions of Outlook are compatible with the Teem Plug-in?

Outlook for Mac (16.50 or later)

Outlook for Office 365, Exchange with OAuth connections

If I deployed Teem using the ClickOnce or Windows Installer methods, how do I change to the Organizational Install method to continue receiving updates?

Please review this document for steps to uninstall and reinstall Teem Plug-in with the Organizational Install method.

Can I use the Teem Plug-in for Delegate email inboxes?

Yes, but currently, Teem Outlook Plug-in for Delegate Accounts is only available using the ClickOnce or Windows Installer methods. We may support Delegate accounts with Organization Install depending on compatibility with Microsoft Outlook updates.