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Release Notes - Teem Mobile App - July 2021

Teem Mobile App - New Space and People Search 

Released July 2021

Teem mobile app users can now search for people and spaces by name! We’ve added a new icon to the bottom navigation where users can quickly search for spaces and view its location on a map, making it easier to reserve the perfect space and know exact where it is. Additionally, users can now search for their coworkers to see their reservations and book spaces near them to simplify collaboration and elevate the in-office experience.

This feature is available to all current Teem customers. Users will need to update their mobile app to the latest version from the iOS (v1.7.2) or Android (v1.10.0) stores.

Note: if users want to opt-out of search results, they can do so by navigating to their settings after updating the app. 

Read below for more information about the features included in this release. They work for both List and Map views of the office, but the new features are best used with Maps. If you are interested in adding Maps to your account, contact your account manager.

Quickly Locate Meeting Spaces on Map

Clicking a room or desk’s name from the Agenda view or Search will now highlight the space’s location on the floorplan in a new blue color. The focus state makes it easier to know exactly where a space is located so you can find it on the way to a meeting or book space nearby.

Search for Spaces

Rather than filter through a list of spaces to book your favorite room, you can now search it by name. Once you find the room’s info, you can adjust the booking timing or see its location.

Search for People and Book Near Them

Search also works for coworkers on your company’s Teem account. By searching for their name, you can see their assigned desk (if applicable) and upcoming reservations for the next 7 days. Clicking one of their spaces will show you its location and available spaces nearby so you can easily collaborate with coworkers in the office. Note that meeting details are not included in the searchable information to protect user privacy.

Opt Out of Results

Speaking of privacy, if a user wishes to not be searchable or included in search results, they can opt out in their apps settings. This release does not include a way for Admins to opt certain users in or out, but that enhancement is coming soon.

The people and space search on mobile app gives employees a more efficient way to find their favorite rooms, desks, or coworkers and get to them faster. By removing barriers to reserving space and decreasing time wasted searching, employees will enjoy an elevated in-office collaborative experience with no scheduling conflicts.