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Teem Plug-in Updates and Changes to Outlook Install Method

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Teem Plug-in Updates and Changes to Outlook Install Method

The Teem Plug-in for Outlook and Google Calendar Chrome Extension has received exciting updates to design and functionality, making the end-user experience more consistent across Teem’s booking ecosystem.

With this release, we are also no longer supporting the ClickOnce and Windows Installer methods for installing the Outlook Plug-in. We recommend using the Organization Install method for deploying the Outlook Plug-in to your users. Read below for more detailed information and recommended actions.

New Updates for Outlook and Chrome Extension

Updates included in this release:

  • Maps in Plug-in now match the look and feel of Finder.
  • Labels and rotation issues resolved.
  • Space availability status on Map with respective date and time filter.
  • Desk spaces now have labels (may need to zoom in to view due to the smaller footprint).
  • Removed red status color for accessibility and standardized colors across platforms. 

No Longer Supporting ClickOnce or Windows Installer for Outlook Plug-In 

As of October 27, 2021, we are no longer supporting the ClickOnce or Windows Installer (EXE) methods for deploying the Teem Outlook Plug-In. This means new features, including those mentioned above, will not be available to users that installed Teem Plug-In using those methods. Plug-Ins installed with these two methods will continue to function as expected and end users can continue using it to book desks or rooms, pre-register guests, and add Meeting Services to reservations. For better support and functionality, we recommend organizations utilize the Organization Install method to automatically receive the latest updates for the Outlook Plug-In.

Microsoft now allows Organizations to install add-ins for users selectively. This means your admin can choose which teams and users gain access to the Teem Plug-in when installed. For more information about how to install, check out our support documentation or Microsoft’s steps. (links)


Do I need to take any action if I am using the Chrome Extension for Google Calendar?

No, the Chrome Extension will continue to receive updates uninterrupted. No action is needed regarding this update.

What do I need to do to receive updates for Outlook Plug-In?

If you installed the Teem Outlook Plug-in using the Organizational Install method, no action is needed. New updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, keeping your end users' tools up to date. 

How do I install the Teem Plug-in?

Follow these instructions for installing the Plug-in on Outlook or Chrome. Contact support or your account manager if you need assistance. 

Which versions of Outlook are compatible with the Teem Plug-in?

Outlook 365, Exchange 2013, or later. 

If I deployed Teem using the ClickOnce or Windows Installer methods, how do I change to the Organizational Install method to continue receiving updates?

Please review this document for steps to uninstall and reinstall Teem Plug-in with the Organizational Install method.

Can I use the Teem Plug-in for Delegate email inboxes?

Yes, but currently Teem Outlook Plug-in for Delegate Accounts is only available using the ClickOnce or Windows Installer methods. In the future, depending on compatibility with Microsoft Outlook updates, we may support Delegate accounts with Organization Install. 

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