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Manage an In-person Event

ProxyClick supports many use cases, including in-person events. Learn how to use the visitor management features to automate invites, gather information and expedite check-ins for your next event.

Manage attendee lists

  • Using the ‘Group Visits’ feature, upload a spreadsheet of attendees to send event invitations and create ‘Visitor profiles automatically.’

Gather information ahead of time

  • Using the ‘Remote registration’ feature, ask questions of event attendees in advance. Using the Smart Rules feature, add branching logic and the ability to deny attendees based on how they answer questions.

Expedite on-site registration and check-in

  • Self-service check-in: using the ProxyClick Visitor Management app on an iPad, have attendees complete check-in without needing assistance. For high-volume events, multiple iPads are recommended.

  • Staffed check-in: using the ProxyClick visitor logbook, mark attendees as checked-in with one click (also possible to do in bulk).

Manage emergencies

  • If an emergency happens, then you can access the emergency list that contains all on-site attendees and then send SMS notifications to all on-site and expected attendees.