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User Rights Matrix

Level: Administrator

Users require a particular set of permissions to use Proxyclick and we have a set of user groups that users can be assigned to. The user groups are:

  • Default - Hosts who can invite visitors and only see their own visits.
  • Reception - Your reception staff can view all the visitors throughout the day.
  • Security - Your Security staff can view all visitors of the day and configure Watchlists.
  • Assistants - Can create visits on behalf of other users.
  • Administrators - Have access to all settings and can change the setup of Proxyclick.
  • Agents - This is an optional user group and it can be useful when you need to integrations, etc.

Below are more details about each User Role and the related user ability or right within Proxyclick.

  Default Administrators Reception Security Assistants Agents
User Rights
Define rights of a group   Y        
Add users to a group of rights   Y        
User Management
Create users Y Y Y Y Y Y
Invite users to the Dashboard Y Y Y Y Y Y
Edit and delete users   Y        
See list of users (Read only) Y Y Y Y Y Y
Can access the emergency list   Y Y Y    

Add visitor profiles to shared address book

View and Edit visitor profiles from shared address book Y          
Export list of visitors and see Analytics   Y Y Y    

Create single visitors

Create recurring visits Y Y Y Y Y Y
Create recurring visits with no end date Y Y Y Y Y Y
Create groups of visitors   Y        
Create visitors on behalf of other hosts   Y Y Y Y  
Approve Visits   Y   Y    
Change status of visitors (Checked in, Checked Out, Expected)   Y Y Y    
See all visitors of the day   Y Y Y    
Delete visits in the Logbook Y Y Y Y Y Y
See watchlist matches in the Logbook   Y   Y   Y
Can access the employee logbook   Y   Y    
Can reset and delete employee bookings   Y        
Can switch the presence of an employee   Y        
Can export employee data   Y        
Can switch if an employee is allowed on location or not   Y        
View all deliveries   Y Y      
Can view and manage watchlists   Y        
Access location settings (excludes billing and user management)   Y