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Deploy Proxyclick (Admin guide)

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Proxyclick!

What do you need to do to get started? Follow the next steps for the best experience. 

Core steps


  • Define your optimal visitor experience by configuring the iPad app (Settings > Configure kiosk).

Start your way from top to bottom; the settings work best in that order.

  • Add your users so they can be recognized as hosts and receive notifications. You can also invite them so they can invite their visitors from their profile.

Printing badges

  • Choose your printer. See our list of recommended devices.
  • Connect your printer. If you print via AirPrint, make sure your iPad and your printer are on the same Wi-Fi and enter the printer IP address in the iPad Settings (Settings > Proxyclick
  • Customize your badge layout using our editor (Settings > Visitors > Badge and Printer)


  • Assign user rights (Settings > General Settings > User rights)
  • Ensure notifications are according to your requirements (Settings > Visitors > Notifications
  • Customize your invitation email (Settings > Visits Settings > Notifications
  • Verify that your company IT complies with our system requirements (mostly around browsers and unblocking domain)
  • Integrate your iPad into your reception. We recommend Bouncepad holders and offer a discount on our partner's website

Need help getting started?

We offer different onboarding options to meet your needs; contact a Visitor Experience Specialist to learn how our Customer Success team can help you get started.