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Edit and customize email notifications

Some Proxyclick communications are templates that can be revised to partially or completely customize the message being sent to your guests.


To determine whether a message can be revised, check the settings of the message for our text editor.

If the document has this editor in the settings, you can revise the language as needed to create perfect communication. Each document type has multiple information to add to the message, i.e., images and multiple languages, so review what the editor offers.

To begin editing, just click on the box and start typing. You can paste verbiage from another document into the editor and format it to fit the document.


Some tips when using our editor.

  1. Copy and paste plain text only. While copying and pasting text from rich format documents like Microsoft Word is acceptable and possible, it is not advised. When copying text from these documents, invisible formatting may also be copied and pasted into the editor. Always copy text from a plain text editor before adding it to the editor.
  2. You can add custom fields and visit data to the messages. Click on the "Variables" dropdown menu, and any field listed can be added to the message.
  3. Always save the changes before exiting the page. The editor does not automatically save changes; exiting without saving will lose any updates you have made.