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Training Videos

clipboard_ec1a59b0c86e478a2cf153c524d1895a4.png Training Videos

In 2024, our Product Engagement team will be updating the training videos.

Get up and running smoothly with our quick-start videos.

Area Video


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Complete your Profile - Learn how to receive notifications, add your email address so you can communicate with reception, add your personal assistant, and upload your profile picture. (0:50 seconds)

Visitor Logbook

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Create a Single Visit - Learn how to create a visit for a single guest from the Proxyclick Dashboard. (1:42 minutes)

Send the Agreement to Visitors Video - When you create a new visit, you can send an email to the visitor to sign an agreement in advance. (0:47 seconds)


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Analytics - Here you will be able to track and measure visitors and at a glance, you can get quick, actionable answers to the top questions that any Front-desk team or Facility Manager wants to know. (0:42 seconds)


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User Management - Learn how to maintain users and the user rights (1:00 mins)

Locations Overview

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Add a new location to my account - If you want to add multiple locations for your company, you can copy the settings and/or logo from your original location. (0:55 seconds)


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Customize Badges -  Learn how to use the Badge Editor to design a badge with safety icons, images, and QR codes. (01:05 mintues)

Preregister Visitors via Generic Calendar Integration - Learn how to create visits in Proxyclick directly from your calendar. (0:34 minutes)

Configure your Kiosk - Learn how what can be configured for your kiosk. (0:44 seconds)