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Group locations in to a building view

What is a building view in ProxyClick?

A Building view makes it possible for you to group multiple locations together into “Buildings.”

Buildings are a powerful feature that allows you to perform actions on several related locations simultaneously.

This is especially useful for two types of companies:

  • Large corporations that have multiple subsidiaries in need of aggregating locations within the Dashboard for further manipulation;

  • Property Management companies that operate buildings with multiple tenants.

Using buildings has two main benefits for these companies:

  • The ability to download the emergency lists for all grouped locations at once;

  • The ability to export all the data per Building for all locations within.

You can now use our Building logbook to get a comprehensive overview of your visitors in multiple locations or tenants.

How to create and use a building view within ProxyClick

In order to create a building view, go to the Locations overview, and select “New building,” …


… name your building and select the locations that need to be part of the building.


Once done, the building view will appear in your Locations overview, including the building emergency list.


When running an export, you’ll also notice you can export for an entire building at once.