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Condeco Check-in with Access Control

Level: Administrator / Implementation Team

Watch the video to learn more about the Condeco Check-in with Access Control and then jump down to Condeco Check-in with Access Control Integration details. 

Audio: Sound Length: 01:47 mins

Condeco Check-in with Access Control Integration


The integration between Condeco and Proxyclick utilizes badge swipe data at the point of building entry to accurately track employee presence, and check them into their reserved workspaces. This provides a seamless lobby experience for people entering workplaces and checking into the building and then as a consequence also checking into personal space bookings. 

  1. Condeco - Employee has a personal space booking.
  2. Access Control System - Employees enter the building and swipe their badge on the card reader. The Access Control System detects the swipe or scan event.
  3. Proxyclick  - Captures data from badge swipes and checks-in the employee. Also, Proxyclick passes this to Condeco.
  4. Condeco - Updated the employee's location and checks the employee into their reserved workspace, and then colleagues can see that they are in the office.

Additionally, for employees who have not reserved a space, Condeco’s intelligent bookings will automatically generate a reservation on their behalf.


For workplace strategists, it also improves the accuracy of occupancy and utilization analytics. This enables a more effective measurement of their in-office strategy and long-term space requirements.