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Eptura Knowledge Center

Set up Text and Translations

The Text and Translations area collects the text presented during check-in and translates it into the language needed for the region Proxyclick is installed.

  1. Login to the Proxyclick web application
  2. Navigate to Settings > Visitors > Configure Kiosk >Texts and Translations.

Kiosk Languages

This area allows the admin user to choose which languages to use.


  1. If you want to add a language, click the Add a new language drop-down, and select the language.




  1. Check the language check box under the Active column to enable the language.

To remove the language, click on Delete icon.

Text and Translations

This area let's your Administrator change the translation text.


  1. From the language drop-down, select the language.



  1. Make the adjustments to the translation.
  2. When you have finished click the Save Changes button.