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Set up your Guest Wi-Fi Integration

A complete guide to set up your Guest Wi-Fi network to authenticate Proxyclick visitors

This article will cover the configuration options available in the Guest Wi-Fi Integration Settings page, as well as how to implement the RADIUS service information in most Wi-Fi controllers.

Intended Audience: 

  • Proxyclick Administrators (Integration Settings)
  • Wi-Fi Network Administrators (RADIUS Server Settings)

Set up the Guest Wi-Fi

  1. Navigate to the Proxyclick Settings page for the Location you want to configure, then click on Integrations.
  2. Locate the Wi-Fi integration in your list and click Settings link to configure. 
  3. Use the Enagble Wi-Fi integration toggle to  control the on/off state of the integration. All settings will remain intact and the RADIUS server will continue to operate while the integration is Disabled, however no users will be added or removed from the RADIUS authentication pool while in this state. This is useful for performing initial setup of your Wi-Fi integration, or if you wish to temporarily disable Guest access such as during special events or security incidents.
  4. You may select fully anonymized guest usernames, or include the visitor's last name for ease of monitoring and auditing.
  5. You may select basic numeric passwords for ease of entry, or more complex AlphaNumeric passwords for increased security.
  6. You may adjust the length of the generated password, from 3-18 characters, to best suit the balance of security versus ease-of-entry for your visitors the business needs.


  1. Every visitor who checks in while the Integration is Enabled will receive a message via SMS or Email containing their user credentials. SMS is the default method, and will always be used as long as the visitor has entered a valid Mobile number. Visitors who do not enter either a mobile number or email address cannot be issued Wi-Fi credentials using this integration.
    The base message is pre-configured as part of the integration, and will be sent in either English (default), French, or Dutch depending on the language selected by the visitor during Kiosk check-in. The contents of the Custom Text Message field will then be appended to the base message.

    Welcome to {CompanyName}. Here are your Wi-Fi credentials:
    Username: {Username}
    Password: {Password}



RADIUS Server Settings

The RADIUS server will be automatically be generated in our partner system, IronWiFi, when the integration is installed in your Proxyclick account. Once the server is provisioned and linked, the connection information will appear automatically in the same Settings view as the above configuration options.


To configure your Wi-Fi controller:

  1. Set the Guest network to WPA 2 Enterprise authentication. Some controllers may further require that you define the RADIUS server(s) as being external to your local environment.
  2. Enter the RADIUS primary IP address as the AAA/RADIUS server for guest authentication. Some controllers support configuring additional servers for backup in the event that the primary controller cannot be reached; for these controllers you may enter the RADIUS backup IP address in this space.
  3. Enter the Authentication and optionally Accounting port information into the controller settings, along with the Shared Secret. The same ports and secret will be used for both the Primary and Backup servers. These ports, along with the Shared Secret, comprise the identity and authentication pair used to ensure your visitors are checked against the correct records at our partner service, and cannot be modified at this time. 

Depending on your network security configuration, you may need to alter your outbound firewall to allow TCP traffic from your Wi-Fi controller(s) to the Primary and Backup IP addresses over the listed ports.