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Assign or Remove Users to a User Group

Level: Administrator

Your Administrator can assign or remove the user rights for your users. For details on the user rights, then see the User Rights Matrix

Assign Users to a User Group via User Rights

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Settings > User rights to access the user rights groups.


  1. For each user group on this page, click Manage rights to set up the features each group has access to.
  2. Check the user right checkbox to to enable it for the user group or remove the tick to clear away this right.

When you change a setting in the user group this will affect ALL users that are part of that user group. Individual permissions cannot be set within Proxyclick.


Administrators have all rights on Proxyclick; the settings within this group can not be changed.

  1. When a user is added to a location then they are found in the Default user group. If you need to change the user group, then you can assign the user to either Administrators, Reception, Security, Assistant, or Agents user group. Users can belong to multiple user groups, and this will increase their rights. 

The user group names or Default, Administrator, Reception, etc. cannot be edited or removed.

Either click on the user count in the user group for a quick add.


You can remove a user by clicking the Remove button next to their name or add new users by typing their name in the search bar.

Assign Users to a User Group via User Management

Alternatively, from the User Management tab, you can manage the rights of a specific user by clicking on the three vertical dots next to their name.


You will be able to assign one or more user groups: