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Set up Remote Registration

This area of settings allows users to answer questions related to check-in before arrival.

And it also links back to custom screens to ask additional screening questions. 

Some reminders can be enabled, QR codes can be sent by email, and host notifications can be sent if the visitor's registration question comes back in a way that could present a risk to others.

Access Remote Registration Settings

  1. From the menu, navigate to Settings.
  2. From the Visitors section, click Remote Registration.

Turn the whole area on or off

The entire Remote Registration area can be turned on or off with the toggle at the top of the page.


Build your registration flow

The visitor check-in process can be changed to include additional steps, messages, images, or even videos.

This is covered in detail in the Custom Screens document.

Visitor picture in advance

When enabled, this option simply gets a picture of the visitor before they come on-site. 


Sign agreements in advance

If there's an NDA or other document in place that requires a visitor signature before being on-site, then when this option is enabled, that document will be sent to the visitor so that they can... well, sign it before coming in.


Notification sent to the visitors

Some settings that can be turned on or off that will send specific information to the visitors before they arrive.

Registration request

When enabled, this will send an email to the visitor if they haven't finished the registration process before the start of their visit.


Click the Customize button will bring up a new screen.


Now, the text can be edited to contain any other details that need to be passed on to the visitor.

QR code by email

When the visitor has completed the registration process on a desktop computer, that individual will receive a QR code in an email that can be used to check in, making the process touchless. 


This option can be turned on or off by changing the toggle selection.

Notifications sent to hosts

Visit refusal alert

Sometimes, a visitor's answer during the registration process isn't the right one. When that happens, the host can be notified of the individual who did not answer the question correctly, and their visit should be questioned.


Click the Customize button brings up a new screen.


The text was used for a different time when there was a worldwide health issue. But this is an editor, and the words can be changed to be a bit more relevant and "with the times," so change the text as needed and let the host know why a certain visitor isn't allowed to be on site.