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Printing Options

There are two main options to automatically print badges at the visitor's check-in:

  1. From the kiosk app

  2. From the Dashboard

In this article, we will provide an overview of these options.

Printing from the kiosk

You can print via AirPrintProxy (PC), or using an  SDK for selected Brother devices.

With any of these options, the badge will print automatically at the time that the visitor completes the check-in via the kiosk.

You can place the printer next to the kiosk for a full self-service process.

When deciding whether to print via AirPrint vs. SDK for Brother printers, if it comes to quality and reliability, select the SDK Bluetooth option if available for your device.

Printing from the Dashboard

You can print automatically when checking your visitors in on the Dashboard or print badges for selected visits.

This option is only available for laptops/PCs running Windows - at the moment, this option is not available for Apple Mac. 

It is possible to run a Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac to make this option available.