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Set up Host Identification

The Host Identification area allows the Admins to change settings related to visitors being able to pick the host for the meeting they are attending.

And it allows the ability to change who the default host is.


To get to this area of Settings, use the following steps:

1. Login to the Proxyclick web application

2. Click on Settings, go to the Visitors area, click on Configure Kiosk, then Host Identification.


This option can be turned off by selecting the toggle in the upper right corner.


Host Identification Options

During the visitor check-in process on the kiosk, visitors will be asked who the host for their meeting is. 


Required Step This can be turned off or on. More than likely, it will be on.
Visitors can only pick a host from the list. If you select this option, visitors won't be able to check in if their host is not in the system. (Most companies do not select this option.)
Display the partial name of the host (privacy). The First name and the first letter of the last name (e.g., Marco L.). A host picture is recommended in the system so visitors can easily recognize their host. Most companies do not activate this option.



The default recipient

Sometimes, the host the visitor is looking for is not in the system. Only a single name can be in this field, and that person will receive check-in notifications when the visitor completes the process on the kiosk.