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Learn about the Analytics dashboard.

Here you will be able to track and measure visitors and at a glance, you can get quick, actionable answers to the top questions that any Front-desk team or Facility Manager wants to know. Find out and learn more about:

  • how busy is your reception
  • how many visitors per month
  • which hosts pre-registered visitors
  • who hosts the most visits
  • what your peak times are and increase staffing accordingly
  • about seasonality and get the monthly breakdown of visitor status so you can plan better
  • if you need to increase your pre-registration efforts for a better visitor experience
  • if you need to make adjustments for hosts that handle an unusually high volume of check-ins

Additionally, you can either export or print your Visitor Logbook as a report.

View the Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard lets you view the statistics for different locations and you can change the reporting period.

  1. From the menu, click Analytics.


  1. Switch buildings (A) to view a different location. Click the location drop-down and then click the location you want to switch to.

If you want to manage your locations, then head over to Locations Overview.

  1. Change the reporting period (B) to Last week, Last 30 days, Last 6 months, or a Custom period.