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Create a Single Visit

You can quickly create a single visit for a new visitor or a returning visitor.

Watch the Video

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Follow the steps

From the dashboard, complete the following:

  1. Click the New Visit button.


  1. Enter the visitor’s first and last name.
  • If the visit is for a returning visitor, then click the visitor's name.
  • Or, if this is a new visitor, then click the + Create a new visitor.


After you click the create a new visitor, then you will see the New visit screen.


Complete the following:

  1. Enter the visitor's first name and last name.
  2. Optional - Enter the visitor's company name.
  3. Optional - Enter the visitor's email and check the Send an invitation check box to send out an invitation. Also, if you click the Preview link, then this will display a preview of the invitation email.
  4. Select a Visitor Profile; this is the Visitor Types and your organization can use the Visitor Types to classify the visitors who attend your offices. Learn more about how your Administrator can set up the Visitor Types.
  5. If you don't want the visitor to be added to the shared address book for easy future entry, then click Change link. This lets you change where the visitor is saved to and if the visitor profile is remembered on the kiosk.
    • Only add to my private address book
    • Add to the shared address book


  1. Next, select the date and time of the visit. If this is a recurring visit, then check the check box and the reoccurring options display:
    1. From the Recurrence type drop-down, select either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
    2. From the Repeat options select either Every workday or Every day (incl. weekends).
    3. From the Start calendar picker, select the start date.
    4. From the End calendar picker, select the end date or if there is no end date then check the No end check box.


  1. Enter the host name and if you want to send a copy of the meeting to the host, then check that check box.
  2. You will see the Notifications regarding this visit will be sent to "host name". If you want to change this, then click Customize notifications link and the notifications fields display. 
    1. In the Notify these people when the visitor checks in field, enter in the recipient's names.
    2. In the Notify these people when the visitor checks out field, enter in the recipient's names.
    3. In the Notify these people if the visitor forgets to check out field, enter in the recipient's names.


If you want to set a default notification for the Notify check-in and check-out fields above, then this can be done in Settings > User Management, and then for the User under the More Actions icon select the Manage Notifications to assign the notifications.

To set the reminder for the visitor who forgot to check-out go to Settings > Visit Settings > Notifications > Check-out Reminder > Email recipients.

  1. Condeco Meeting - If your organization has a Condeco integration, then you have the option to link a visit with a Condeco meeting space.
  1. Show More - Your organization may have custom fields set up for the new visit, so you will need to complete the custom fields.
  2. Click either the Create Visit button or the Save & Create New button (this will save the visit and let you create another visit).