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Create a Single Visit

You can quickly create a single visit for a new visitor or a previous visitor.

From the dashboard, complete the following:

  1. Click the New Visit button.

image 2.png

  1. Enter the visitor’s first and last name.

If this is a new visitor, then click the + Create a new visitor.

image 3.png

Or if the visit is for a previous visitor, click the visitor's name.

image 4.png

  1. Complete visitor's company and email fields.
  2. Select the date and time of the visit.
  3. Select the host's name.
  4. Complete any custom fields and click the Show more to find more custom fields.
  5. Click either the Create Visit button or the Save & Create New button (this will save the visit and let you create anther visit).

image 5.png

  1. To verify or update colleagues who will receive a notification for this visit, click on the Customize notification link. 

image 6.png

The notifications display.

image 7.png