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Set up Visitor Identification

The Visitor area of settings allows specific configurations for visitors, both expected and unexpected, as they go through the check-in process.

To get to this area of Settings, use the following steps:

1. Login to the Proxyclick web application

2. Navigate to Settings > Visitors > Configure Kiosk Visitor Identification.

These settings are used during check-in while the visitor interacts with the kiosk device.


  1. Complete the following:
Setting Description

Visitors can check in by typing in their name 

When the visitors are pre-registered, this will assist with creating a guest pass/badge for the visitor. Visitors can only check in with their invitation/pass if not selected. 

Recognize returning visitors check box - All visitors created will be automatically recognized on the kiosk when returning. When this is check then you can set the following:

  • Based on Email (more confidential)
  • Based on three letters (faster)
    • Display the full name of the visitor
    • Display the partial name of the visitor (privacy) - Only the first name and the first letter of the last name (e.g., Laura M.) are shown.

It is highly recommended that a visitor picture is used so visitors can easily recognize their profile.

Only allow expected visitors to check in 

For security reasons, you can prevent visitors not pre-registered in the system from checking in (they'll see a message inviting them to go to the reception team).

Most companies do not activate this setting.

  • Always create a new visit - A new visitor profile will be created in the address book for every visit. Returning visitors will not be recognized. Use it to offer a simplified check-in experience.
  • Prioritize the identification of visitors with an invitation over visitors without an invitation - When using mobile check-in, enable this option so that the first screen shown identifies visitors with an invitation.

Visitors can check in with their invitation/pass (QR code)

Allow visitors to scan the QR code they received in their invitation (works with printed invitations, invitation email, and Wallet.)

Information to ask unexpected visitors

When unexpected visitors check in through the kiosk, specific settings can be set and required.


Complete the following:

Setting Description
Full name This option cannot be disabled. 
Email This can be turned off or on. It can be used to send visitation emails and customize those emails.
Visitor's Company This can be turned off or on. This will record where the visitor comes from.