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Set up Guided Access for Apple iPad

Guided Access (for iPad)

  1. Click the Settings icon on your iPad:

  2. Scroll down to the Accessibility settings and click the Guided Access toggle to turn it green. 

  3. Then click Set Guided Access Passcode to create a password that activates Guided Access (this will prevent people from turning it off without permission)

  4. Next, launch the ProxyClick app and click the home button 3 times.  You will be prompted to start Guided Access by clicking "Start" in the upper right-hand side. 

  5. Enter your password to confirm, and you'll receive a confirmation that Guided Access has been set up. 

  6. To cancel guided access, click the Home button three times to launch the app again and click "End' on the upper left side. 

Note: there is no need to disable any part of the screen; the ProxyClick app will fill in the whole screen, meaning you'll want access to the whole display.