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Eptura Knowledge Center

Set up the Kiosk Layout

The Layout section of Proxyclick settings lets you configure some areas of how the content is shown on the kiosk device through the Proxyclick Visitor Management app.

To get to this area of Settings, use the following steps:

1. Login to the Proxyclick web application

2. Click on Settings, go to the Visitors area, click on Configure Kiosk, then Layout.

Company Logo

The company logo image was set up in the Company area of the Proxyclick settings.

The Company Logo option here is one of two options:

  • Display logo on all screens.
  • Display logo on all screens except the welcome screen.



Kiosk Customization

The Kiosk customization area allows someone to change the base color used throughout the check-in experience and the text color.

Additionally, the background on the first screen can be changed to either the selected primary color or a custom image that can be uploaded from the computer. There are also some options to apply some filters to that image.



Primary color option



Text color option





with Primary Color



with Custom Image





Make sure to click the Save button after making any changes.


Other Screens

This option is for all the other screens encountered during the check-in process on the kiosk.


Make sure to click the Save button after making any changes.