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Eptura Knowledge Center

Set up Employee General Settings

The Employees General settings works with the Proxyclick Proovr app.

Turning on and off Employee features

From the the Proxyclick web app, complete the following:

Click on Settings, go to the Employees area, and click on General.

The toggle switch for this section allows the General AND Booking sections to be turned off and on.


Set the daily occupancy of the office

This option does what it says: set's the total number of employees that can be in the office at any time.

occupancy 01.gif

A new component will now be added to your Employee logbook to show expected occupancy and the current limit (this limit is your workplace capacity):


The color-coded progress bar on top of your Employee logbook will show you your expected occupancy for the current day in real-time.

Green indicates you are currently at 90% or less of your current capacity, while red indicates you have passed this threshold.


Employees whose status is Expected and Checked-in will be counted towards your limit, while those marked as Denied or Checked-out will be excluded. To learn more about the Employee logbook and each status, visit our help article here.

All users with access to the Employee logbook can keep track of the current occupancy. Only employees are considered at this time; this feature excludes expected and checked-in visitors.

Prevent employee booking when the occupancy limit is reached

This area can be turned off or on by selecting the toggle switch.


When this option is on, and the limit is reached, employees using the Proxyclick Proovr app will no longer be able to return to the workplace.

Who to tell when the daily occupancy is reached

This area can be turned off or on by selecting the toggle switch.

As the workplace manager, you can be notified when the capacity is reached or when it will be reached for an upcoming day. This empowers you to take the necessary

precautions. Activate this option by adding the email address(es) that will be notified by clicking the Email recipients button.


You can send alerts to multiple recipients by creating a distribution list on your email client or by entering multiple email addresses separated by a ",".


Alternatively, if you use Proovr to check in via our mobile app, we will warn users about the remaining seats available, allowing them to plan their office booking.