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Visitor Kiosk FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the system requirements?

The Proxyclick Visitor Management app or kiosk app is available for iPad an see the System Requirements for information on where to download, product compatibility requirements, and other details.

Q. How many kiosks can I have per location?

Our subscription plans offer an unlimited amount of kiosks per location. See information in the Install multiple kiosks in one location article.

Q. What kiosk holders do you recommend?

We work with Bouncepad, our partner offering high-quality compatible holders that will offer a great experience to the front desk staff and visitors.


Q. What printers do you recommend?

You can find a list of printers reviewed by our team in Review of popular Visitor Badge Printers.

Q. Tips to personalize your kiosk layout:

  • The primary color, accent color, and text color can be matched to your branding by entering the HEX code, and you can use this external online tool ( to convert your Pantone to HEX.

  • The Background image must be in JPG, PNG, or non-animated GIF format, and to obtain the best result, the size is 2048x1536.

  • Your company logo can be used within ProxyClick to personalize the experience. 

Q. Can I purchase the iPad, holder, and printer from Proxyclick?

This service is available in combination with our Onboarding packs, then contact a Visitor Experience Specialist to learn more.