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Install the Outlook Add-in

With the Proxyclick Outlook add-in, you'll save time and have more options when you create new visits from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Creates a seamless process. Users will see a Proxyclick button in the ribbon of their Outlook calendar.
  • Ability to select different Proxyclick locations directly from Outlook.
  • Enrich the visit with a comment to reception and/or any custom field.
  • The add-in minimizes errors by detecting missing information.

The Outlook Add-In allows users to create visits from their Outlook client without using the Proxyclick dashboard.


  • Supported Versions - Check the Outlook versions that can be used with the Proxyclick Outlook add-on, these are listed in System Requirements.
  • Proxyclick User Profile - The user sending the meeting request must have a user profile in Proxyclick. Make sure the user email exists in at least one Proxyclick location.
  • Subscription Add-on - The subscription add-in must be active, see Calendar integration.
  • Custom Fields - When the host creates a visit, you can include custom fields. Learn more in Manage and Edit Custom Fields and make sure the "Only show this field to receptionists and admins during visit creation or editing" is toggled on.

Your IT team will determine if the deployment will be the Local or Centralized Deployment.

Local Deployment

  1. Open Outlook and go to Email > Store.

image 1.png

If the Microsoft Add-In Store does not appear in Outlook or the Add-In Store does not show the "Add by URL" option, you must use centralized distribution (see below).

  1. Click on “Click here to add a custom add-in”

image 2.png

  1. Click on “Add from URL”

image 3.png

If the Microsoft Add-In store does not show the “Add by URL” option – You must use centralized deployment (see bottom of this article)

  1. Finalize the installation

image 4.png

Confirm the installation.

Centralized Deployment

You can enable centralized deployment of the Proxyclick Outlook add-in by following this Microsoft How-to-guide .

When asked, choose the “I have a URL for the manifest file” option and provide the appropriate URL:

Install using Exchange server (2013+)

  1. Log in to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and select organization > apps (for Exchange 2013) or organization > add-ins (for Exchange 2016).

  2. Select the add icon (+) and then Add from the URL.

  3. Supply the Proxyclick Outlook Add-In URL (see above) and select Next.

  4. The Proxyclick Outlook Add-In will appear in the list

  5. Double-click the Proxyclick add-in to edit it.

  6. Select Make this add-in available to users in your organization.

  7. Select the user defaults appropriate to your organization, then save (we suggest “Mandatory, always enabled” for best uptake)

  8. After a re-launch of Outlook, your users will see the Proxyclick Add-In in a meeting creation view.

Deploy by File

If you cannot deploy the add-in directly via the above URLs, in either Exchange Admin Center or Microsoft 365 Admin Center, you can instead deploy by file. Navigate to the appropriate manifest URL (see above) in the browser of your choice and save the resulting document as "ProxyclickManifest.xml." You can upload this file directly in your Admin Center instead of referencing the URL.

Calendar Integration's Data Flow

We take your privacy seriously.  See how your data flows when using our Outlook Add-in.

image 9.png

Watch it in Action

Now, the Outlook Add-in is installed; see what your visitors and/or employees will experience in Preregister Visitor with the Outlook Add-in