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Set up Deliveries

When your company receives a delivery, you can manage these from the Kiosk (iPad app) and/or the Proxyclick Dashboard.

If you have more than one delivery area, you can define the entrances. These entrances are displayed in Proxyclick Dashboard, and the email notification is sent to the recipient so they know where to pick up the delivery. 

Access the Deliveries Settings

  • From the menu, click Settings > Deliveries.

Deliveries on the iPad app

  • Click the Deliveries on the iPad app toggle to ON to enable the delivery option on the iPad app.


On the iPad app, the courier will see the Delivery button.


Tap on the Delivery button and the Who is this package for? screen displays.

Then enter the recipient's name or if the recipient's name does not show as an option, the courier can tap the I don't know option. This will send the delivery notification to the default notification recipient.

The default notification recipient can be set up in Settings > Configure Kiosk > Host identification > Default recipient.

Image 3.png

Manage Deliveries on the Dashboard

  • Click the Deliveries on the Dashboard toggle to ON to enable the delivery in the menu.


Watch this in action in the Deliveries article which explains how you reception staff can send out the delivery notifications.