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Visitor Logbook Overview

The Visitor Logbook tracks visitors who log into the Visitor Management app on arrival. Everyone visiting that location will be listed within the log book on a separate line, and if the visitor's time has passed, then the visitor will not be shown on the list.

Access the Visitor's Logbook

From the menu, click the Visitor Logbook to display the list of visitors.



Click the visitor's name to display their details in the form.


Export the Visitor's Logbook

To export all of the visits, click on the Export icon.


Change the Visitor's Logbook Columns

To change what columns and fields are shown, select the Columns icon.


Print the Visitor's Logbook

To print the list, select the Print icon.


Change Entrance's name

If visitors can check-in at different entrances in your building, it can be handy to put the name of the lobby in the notification sent to the host.

Click on the Entrance icon to set a name for the entrance where visitors register with Proxyclick.


The Set your entrance name dialog displays.


Enter your entrance's name and then click the Save button.

Change the Visitor's Status

When a visitor is listed in the logbook, the status column will offer options that can be used to change that visit. Note that these options will vary.



Change the Pagination

The default number of people listed per page is 25. This can be adjusted up to 100 in increments of 25.