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Access the Proxyclick API

In order to request the API details, please send an email to our team at

In order for our team to process the request, the message must be sent from a user with Administrator permissions for the location(s) and contain the following items:

  • Name of Company

  • Location ID (if there is more than one account in Proxyclick)

  • Reason for the API request

API access requests are typically processed within one to three business days once all of the requested information has been received.

Once a company's API request has been processed, the credentials will be available for future requests. We do not process separate credentials for multiple requests within the same company.

Next steps:

You can access our API documentation to explore endpoints here:

The documentation covers all of our public API endpoints, broken out by the root data object(s) the endpoint interacts with.


For some endpoints, we have provided example requests in the page's right-hand section in the darkened area.


You will be able to retrieve all of the relevant information on the public API endpoints in this documentation.