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Check-in for Returning and Expected Visitors

What is the Skip if prefilled feature?

Returning and pre-registered visitors have often already shared some details with Proxyclick. This optional feature lets you skip screens containing this prefilled information as part of the check-in process.

It increases efficiency and can be important in implementing a touchless check-in process.

How does it work?

This information is stored if a returning or pre-registered visitor has already answered a question (or the host has provided an answer during the visit creation). With Skip, visitors will not be shown this custom field during their next visit if the prefilled feature is activated.

For example, if John Smith receives an invite and enters his mobile phone number for pre-registration, he will not be shown the screen containing this information on the kiosk when he checks in.

Activate the Skip using the prefilled option

Step 1. Select a custom screen to be prefilled

Select a pre-defined answer or a standard field question when managing custom screens. This will allow Proxyclick to remember visitors’ information the next time they sign in or pre-register.

Standard fields include email, Company, Purpose of visit, Type of visitor, Mobile Phone, and License plate.

Image 1.png

Step 2. Turn on the Skip if prefilled toggle

Go to the Custom Screens page and turn the toggle option on.

Image 2.png

Step 3. Check you have implemented it correctly

After you complete the steps above, check your kiosk.

Example #1: Below is the screen where visitors enter their name and company information. This screen will not show to a returning or pre-registered visitor who has filled in their full name, company, and email correctly.

Image 3.png

Example #2: The screen below will not show to a returning or pre-registered visitor who has already selected their type of visitor.

Image 4.png

This option will no longer show custom screens where the visitor previously made a selection.

We recommend activating the summary screen if visitors need to edit their previous answers. Go to Settings > Visitors > Configure kiosk > Summary to activate the summary screen.

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