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Set up automatic agreement storage with OneDrive

This article explains how to automatically upload signed agreements outside of Proxyclick into your OneDrive account.

What does this feature do?

With this feature, your team members who may not have access to Proxyclick can easily access the documents in one folder.

Connecting Proxyclick and OneDrive

Step #1: In OneDrive, create the folder containing the signed agreements.
If you do not have a OneDrive for Business account, the first step is to create one.


Step #2: Go to the Marketplace, and find OneDrive, and click on Try Free.


Step #3: You will then be directed to Microsoft OneDrive. Please sign in.


Step #4: Select the folder where you would like to store the signed agreements.


And that's it! Now, agreements signed by your visitors will be automatically stored in your OneDrive folder.

image (4).png

Multiple locations

If you manage multiple locations with Proxyclick, you can create different folders in OneDrive and have every location point to the appropriate folder.

image (5).png


Please keep this in mind. The addition of this integration will store agreements signed after the integration has been set up. Agreements that were signed before the integration will have to be manually downloaded and added to the folder.