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Book meeting rooms with Condeco Integration

When you integrate Condeco into the Proxyclick platform, you will prevent meeting room clashes. You can clearly see if a room is free or booked with one touch. Organizations will simultaneously get the best-in-class room booking and visitor management.

For example, when an employee books a meeting room in Condeco (with external visitors), these are automatically pre-registered within Proxyclick. Visitors will also receive details such as meeting room names to better prepare for their visit and make it a seamless experience.

  1. Automated Visitor preregistration: Your external visitors' information is pushed automatically from Condeco to Proxyclick.
  2. Self Check-In: Visitors can check in at the Kiosk without any manual intervention from the staff.
  3. Improved Visitor Experience: The meeting room information is pushed to external visitors automatically.

Configure the Condeco + Proxyclick integration

Step 1. Set up your Condeco and Proxyclick accounts

  1. Create an account with Condeco if you don't have one yet.
  2. Ask for your API credentials from Condeco.
  3. Create your Proxyclick Free Trial with your Condeco email or use your existing Proxyclick account.
  4. Click the following activation link and input your Condeco API credentials within the Proxyclick App.

The API URL must include all values before /api/V1 , see example below:



  • Automatically creates users in Proxyclick if the requestor (on Condeco) does not exist as a user.
  • Synchronize internal desk bookings with employees bookings on Proxyclick.
  • Synchronizes external attendees in meeting room bookings as visitors in Proxyclick.

Step 2. Map the Condeco Location & Meeting Room with your Proxyclick Location

Map Condeco locations on Proxyclick so that only relevant meeting room bookings are taken into account.

  1. Now that the integration is active, map the relevant Condeco location(s) (= meeting room(s)) with your Proxyclick location (= building) in ProxyClick’s settings.


Step 3. Create a Proxyclick Custom field

Set up a custom field in Proxyclick to retrieve and store the meeting room name from Condeco.

  1. Create a custom field with free text (Settings > Visit settings > Logbook) and call it “meeting room name.”


  1. Activate the custom field (Settings > Integrations > Condeco > Settings) and select “meeting room name.”

Step 4. Customize the Welcome email

  1. Customize the welcome email with the meeting room name (Settings > Visit settings > Notifications > Invitation email).


Good to Know

  1. If you book a meeting room in Condeco with external visitors, they will be automatically pre-registered in Proxyclick.


  1. You will be able to see them in the logbook. The meeting room name goes through.


  1. The meeting room name is also sent to the visitor in the Welcome email.

Finally, take the complexity out of managing your meeting rooms with Condeco and make their intuitive touchscreen display part of your process.