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Mandatory Kiosk Update FAQs

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for the Mandatory Kiosk Update.

Q. Why is the kiosk app being updated? 

We're transitioning from an older, unsupported technology stack to a newer technology stack to provide you with a more advanced, versatile, and future-ready kiosk experience. This makes sure continued support and innovation.

Q. When will the older version of the kiosk app no longer be supported? 

Starting from May 2024, the older version will no longer receive support. We recommend updating to the latest version available in the app store.

Q. What will be the difference in features in the new version?

Our primary goal is to maintain feature parity while laying the foundation for faster innovation on new features. While the core functionality you rely on will remain, the updated version will empower us to introduce exciting enhancements swiftly, to ensure a cutting-edge visitor management experience for you. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting transition!

Q. How do I update my kiosk app? 

Updating is easy! 

If you have set the app to auto-update, there’s nothing more to do.

If you don’t have auto-update, simply visit your device's app store, find the Proxyclick Kiosk app, and tap the update button. 

Detailed instructions will be provided in our upcoming email.

Q. Will the new version work on my existing deployment?

Yes, the new version is designed to work seamlessly with your existing deployment. If you have any specific concerns, then reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

Q. What improvements can I expect in the new version? 

The new version brings several enhancements to user experience, security, and performance. Stay tuned for our upcoming communication for a sneak peek at these exciting features.

Q. What if I encounter issues during the update process? 

Our Eptura Customer Hub is the place to submit a Technical Support case for help, and you can find it at and we'll assist you in resolving any issues promptly.

Q. Will there be downtime during the update? 

The app update process is no different from how it was in the past. However, we recommend scheduling the update during non-critical hours to ensure a smooth transition.

Q. Can I continue using the older version after April? 

While the older version may still function, it will no longer receive support or updates. To benefit from the latest features and security enhancements, we strongly advise updating to the latest version.