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Set up a Custom Screen

During the check-in process, additional information may be needed from the visitor, or information needs to be presented. These questions can be placed within the process flow on custom screens. 

Before a custom screen can be added, the questions must first be added as a custom field.

Add a custom screen (or more) to your check-in process

  1. Login to Proxyclick using the available user name and password.
  2. Click on Settings, go to the Visitors area of the menu, and click Configure Kiosk > Custom screens.
  3. Click on the Manage Custom Screens button.


The screen will change to present the available options.


The first thing to determine is how you want to present the new screen to the customer. There are four options available.


A question.


A message.


An image.


Or a video.

Add a new Question

When using a Question, there are two options immediately available. To either create a new question using available templates or use an existing one.

  1. Click on New Question will present available options for asking the question.


The following menu options apply to all of the following screens.

  • Click < Back will bring the user back to the settings area of the Proxyclick web experience.
  • Click the Delete screen button will cancel this process.
  • If Save in visitor profile is checked, then the answer provided by the visitor will be saved in their profile information.
  • If Mandatory is checked, the visitor has to answer the question and can't get around it during check-in.

Free Text

Free text allows the answer to the new question to be unrestricted in how it's answered. 

When the new question field is selected, an empty field will appear on the right, waiting for setup completion. It's also "floating," waiting to find out where it'll be placed in the process. The box can be selected with the mouse and moved around, but it won't be "locked" into position until the next field, Next Step, is selected.

The field name is required and will appear in the orange box on the right when filled in.

The question is also a required part of this process.


Do you have multiple questions to ask the visitor? Then, using the list option is the way to go.

Once the question and answer are filled in, click the Add a Rule button.

From there, the user can determine where in the process they can send the visitor for further questioning.


If the question is a simple Yes/No, then this option can be used.

Once the question and answer are filled in, click the Add a Rule button.

From there, the user can determine where in the process they can send the visitor for further questioning.

Date [Information to come] clipboard_e60cb9eebcb71e6ad6b3bd0e50e0a5e4d.png

Add a new Message

If only a message needs to be presented to the visitor, this is an option.



Add a new Image

Some messages are best presented as an image, not just text. This option will be able to present information on the screen through the check-in process. 




Add a new Video

Whatever video ideas need to be presented during check-in, whether a greeting, a walk-through tour, or anything else, that video can be positioned in the right place for you.




And after all that...

An option on the Custom Screens area's main page allows the option to skip filling out details if they are already answered.