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2023 May Proxyclick Product Release

May's release includes:

Validation of Condeco data Enhancement

Released May 9th

We have focused on improvements to the Condeco integration, specifically how data is validated and handled. We have enhanced the validation process for incoming data to make sure its accuracy and validity. This minimizes the occurrence of failed data processing, and we have added error-handling mechanisms to provide minimal data loss. Making sure that a person’s information is available helps us offer accurate workplace occupancy and help evacuation teams in the event of an emergency.

Condeco Bookings Synchronization Enhancement

Released May 9th

If you're using both Condeco and Proxyclick, you will now benefit from synchronized bookings across both the platforms. This makes sure changes to bookings in Condeco are promptly reflected in Proxyclick. With the synchronization in place, the current status of each booking is now accurately reflected in Proxyclick's Logbook. Whether a booking is active, released, checked out, or deleted, you will have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Below details how statuses are mapped:

Status on Condeco Status on Proxyclick
Booked Expected
CheckedIn Checked-in
Released Checked-out
Deleted Delete booking
Bumped Checked-out

You can now leverage accurate and real-time data to gather precise building occupancy information, optimize space utilization, plan resources efficiently, and make sure a comfortable environment for all occupants. In the case of emergencies, knowing who is present in the building is crucial for everyone's safety. With the enhanced integration, you can now rely on Proxyclick to account for everyone, visitors, or employees in the building during such situations. This enables faster and more effective emergency response.

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