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Download and install the Proxyclick iPad app

This app is the kiosk interface between your company and your visitors. It is designed to be easy to use, flexible for your organization, and simple for visitors.

Step 1: Check your hardware

The Proxyclick iPad app requires iOS 11.0 or later. You can check compatibility with iPad models for iOS 11 here.

The iPad can be inserted in a stand/holder and landscape orientation. The iPad Pro and iPad Mini come in different sizes; please look at iPad compatibility when choosing a holder.

We recommend enabling Guided Access on the iPad to restrict access to other apps and iOS features when the Proxyclick iPad app runs.

The app needs a good internet connection to work properly.

Step 2: Download the Proxyclick iPad app

Download the most recent Proxyclick Visitor Management app version from the App Store. (This link works best on the device the app will be installed on.)

The result will look similar to this:

Image 1.png

Step 4: Download and launch the app


Step 5: Go to Settings > Visitors > Kiosk list in the Dashboard and open the kiosk you want to activate or create a new one.


Step 6: Copy the activation code from the selected kiosk


Step 7. Go to the iPad, and open the Proxyclick app. On the login screen, select Activate with unique code?


Step 8: Enter the unique code copied in Step 2 and tap Activate.


The kiosk will now load:


Once the loading has reached 100%, the Proxyclick kiosk app will automatically appear on the screen if you are already logged in, and you will be ready to welcome visitors!