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Approve or Deny a Visit

If your Administrator has enabled Visitor Approval, then you can review the visitors profile before they arrive on-site.

Pending Approvals

Approvers can access the pending review Dashboard via the Pending Approvals menu.

They will then be able to select the visit and see all details associated with it and the visitor, allowing them to decide to Approve or Deny a visit. Approvers can also decide on group and recurring visits with a single click.

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Approved Visit

If the visit is approved, the status on the logbook will change from "In-review" to "Expected" and an invitation and remote registration email will be sent. Your regular flow will then follow.

Deny a Visit

When the approver denies a visit, a new status will appear on the logbook called "Denied." We will also notify the host via email of the decision.

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Visitors in "Denied" status will be unable to check in via Dashboard or kiosk and/or will not be granted physical access (for example, via a turnstile or gate) if you have an Access Control integration. Denied visitors will also not receive any notification of the rejection, but if at the kiosk, they will find a message to contact reception.

If you can access the activity log, you can review the approver and when a visit was denied. The host can create a new visit and start the approval flow again at any time, even if the visitor has been denied.

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Unexpected Visitors

If the visitor arrives at your location without a pre-registered visit, they will be able to register via the kiosk, granted you allow unexpected visitors. These visits will then be placed in the pending review Dashboard and must be evaluated by an approver before they can check-in.

If you allow unexpected visitors at the reception or kiosk, we recommend assigning at least one approver to make sure visitors can be checked in quickly and efficiently. We don't send email notifications for new "in-review" visits.