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2023 June Proxyclick Product Release

June's release includes:

New Interactive Emergency Lists

Released June 26th

In the event of an emergency, every second counts.

Our interactive Emergency Lists will empower your Front-desk Security and Safety teams to help account for your building occupants during evacuations. The list will provide you with:

  • Real-time list of everyone in the building - Easily mark people as safe during a roll call across devices, and coordinate with emergency responders more effectively.
  • Post-emergency reports - These can be generated and shared with responders, analyze past evacuations, or support an auditable process.

Learn more about the Emergency List - Roll calls for emergencies and drills


General Maintenance

Released June 26th

  • Proxyclick API - We’ve fixed an issue with boolean values returned in some of the objects from the public API endpoints. The smsReminder and mailReminder attributes will now correctly return a boolean true or false values as documented, whereas previously, they would return 1 or 0. If you are using the public API, specifically endpoints that include Meeting and Visit, make sure that you handle the values returned for smsReminder and mailReminder as boolean instead of integers.

Watchlist Enhancement

Released June 12th

Strengthening security measures and improved response times contribute to a safer environment for everyone. With easier access to the Watchlist, security guards can quickly respond to potential threats to mitigate risk and protect the building and its occupants.

Improved Access

The Watchlist is now accessed directly from the Proxyclick Dashboard web app, making it easier and more convenient for security guards to use its capabilities. No longer confined to the settings page, the Watchlist is just a click away.


User Rights Control

To address security and privacy concerns, we introduced a new user right for accessing the Watchlist. This means you can grant Watchlist access to only certain users, to make sure that sensitive information remains protected. The new user right is called Can view and manage watch lists.