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Email Notifications for Visitor Approvals

Early Access


Visitor Approvals provides an additional layer of security for visitor flows. When enabled, a visitor can be reviewed before they arrive on site by an approver in the Proxyclick’s dashboard. Learn about Visitor Approvals, in Set up Visit Approvals.

With this Early Access program, when a new single or group visit of any occurrence is created, an email is sent to approvers. The email will contain the details of the host, the visitor, and the visit. Then the approvers can review the pending visit email notification. 

There is no additional configuration required, and approvers can individually choose to receive email notifications for pending visits to their email inbox. Additionally, approvers can also approve or deny a visit right from the email, and they will have the option to provide more information through a comment.

Manage your Approval Notifications

Users who are allowed to approve visits can manage their approval notifications.

  1. Click your name on the top right hand corner.
  2. Click the Manage Profile menu item your profile displays.
  3. Select the Visitor Management notifications tab.
  4. In the Approval notifications section, select the Yes option button to turn on the notifications.


Review Pending Visits from an Email

Just like the Pending Approvals on the dashboard, the approval notification email will contain two options: Approve or Deny. 


Remember, if a visit has already been approved or denied by another approver, the current approver will be shown the result of that decision.

Learn about the actions triggered after a decision is taken, read Approve or Deny a Visit.

Provide Additional Information during a Review

After the approver denies or approves a visit, a screen displays in the default browser confirming the action of the visit. This lets the approver enter additional information about the decision. This let’s lobby or reception teams understand why a visit is denied or maybe the approver needs to make a note about an approved visitor. 


View Approval Notes

The notes from an approver will be displayed in the activity log of the visit along with the profile photo of the approver who left the notes. There is no limit on the number of times an approver can submit notes.


Known Limitations

  • When a recurring visit is created, the email notification will only mention the date of the first occurrence of the recurring visit. The same applies to a recurring visit created on a group. For e.g., when a recurring visit is created from January 10th to January 20th, the email will only request an approval for the visit for the date of January 10th. However, all subsequent occurrences will also be approved or denied after a decision has been taken.
  • When you add a comment to the review decision on a recurring visit, only the first occurrence of a visit will show the comments in the activity log. Subsequent visits will not show the comment. Same applies to a recurring visit created on a group.