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Disabling ID Match from your Account

ID Match allows you to automatically verify the identity of your visitors by comparing the face of the visitor on their ID with the picture taken by the iPad and producing a score based on similarity. This matching score (between 0 and 100%) is displayed in the Dashboard. The name of the visitor, as read from the ID, is also displayed in the Dashboard.

Disable ID Match from your Tenant Account

Disabling ID Match from your account will give expected visitors access to the turnstiles in the lobby without having to scan their ID at the kiosk upon check-in.

Go to Settings > Integrations > ID Match. Click on Configure and switch the toggle to off.

Image 1.png

You will need to update your visitor settings to prevent unexpected (uninvited) visitors from checking themselves in on the Kiosk.

Go to Settings > Configure Kiosk > Visitor Identification > check the box only to allow expected visitors to check-in.

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