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PMs and Establish your Maintenance Plans Video Overview

Your Maintenance Plans help you keep your assets in tip-top shape, avert breakdowns, and catch potential issues. 

This video focuses on:

  • set up your maintenance plans
  • choose which assets to be on the plan
  • manage the  PMs (Preventive Maintenance) as they come due

00:00 Introduction

01:09 Work Order Schedule Management

02:23 Add Assets to Maintenance Plans

04:59 Adjust Schedule Progress

08:35 Maintenance Plan Creation and Management

11:51 Add Service Tasks to a PM

15:02 Set Schedule Rules

16:53 Establish Work Order Due Dates

18:49 Create a new Schedule

27:02 Schedule Linking

32:13 Inactive PMs and Maintenance Plans

36:00 Meter Readings and PMs

40:33 PM Management

42:51 Create Work Orders from PMs

47:28 Maintenance Plans FAQ

Video Length 58:34