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Employee Access with Proovr

The Proovr app can be used alongside Proxyclick employee features to allow your employees to book a visit to the office, answer pre-screening questionnaires, and also gain access to the building using the secure QR code within the app.

Below you will see various options for how we interact with your access control system when managing employee access. See How does access control work with employee check-in?  to understand how to set this up.

Once you have employee features activated and your Proxyclick location(s) are connected to your Access Control System (ACS), you have the following options on how to manage employee access:

Gain access using the QR code within the Proovr app

Proxyclick creates a new profile in the ACS for any employees added to Proxyclick. This is a Proxyclick-managed ACS profile, and we apply a token number linked to the QR codes (building keys) within the Proovr app - one key per location.

Employees can then gain access via the Proovr mobile app by showing the building key to a QR reader attached to your ACS. All profiles are given a single, shared access level.

  • In a multi-tenant location, we apply one access level per company.
  • The QR codes are regularly refreshed in the background, so a new security token is present in their profile within the ACS.

Conditional access

This is an optional setting you may apply in addition to the above.

When activated, employees must:

  1. Book their visit via the Proovr app.

  2. (if configured) complete the employee questionnaire successfully.

When these conditions are met, we apply the access level to their ACS profile to grant them access to the building. This helps to manage any capacity limits you have set in Proxyclick and ensure everyone is safe to visit the office.

Profile Linking

If you choose this option, Proxyclick will find a matching employee profile (same email address) already present in the ACS rather than create a new ACS profile for the employee entered in Proxyclick.

We will not generate QR tokens or apply a Proxyclick access level when Profile Linking is active. Conditional access can also be applied if required, and we will then simply turn access on or off if they have a valid booking.

This allows your employees to use the tokens/cards/badges they already have and retain the variety of access levels set against their ACS profiles.