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Employee check-in with Access Control

This feature supports a safe return to the workplace for employees with digital keys and real-time visibility of who is on-site. Here is how you can set it up.

Employee check-in and access control

This article explains how the Employee check-in feature integrates with your access control system and how your employees can use a digital credential in the Proxyclick Proovr app to access your building.


  • Your access control system compatibility needs to be confirmed by Proxyclick. Please complete this form, and our team will get back to you.
  • Access control for employees is currently served via a digital QR code credential. Your access control system will need appropriate hardware. Proxyclick can provide advice on suitable hardware if you need it.
  • Access control integration is included in our Premium plan.
Step 1: Activate Employee check-in

 Activating this feature immediately impacts your kiosk: a QR code will be displayed on the Welcome screen.

Go to Settings > Employees > General, and click on the Employee features toggle to activate it.


Step 2: Connect Proxyclick to your access control integration

 We are here to help: Once compatibility of your access control environment is confirmed, our team will be on hand to help connect your access system to Proxyclick.

When the Proxyclick team has connected to your access control platform and configured your access control integration, the employees listed on Proxyclick’s Employees screen will be loaded into your access control system.

New employees added to Proxyclick will be synchronized into the access control system as they are added to the Employees screen.

Step 3: Download the Proxyclick Proovr app and configure accounts

 Supported iOS and Android versions are required for the smooth running of Proovr. See our System Requirements for our latest versions and updates.

Employees listed in the Employee tab of your platform are eligible to use Employee check-in.

After the app has been downloaded, the employee will be asked to provide their work email address when run for the first time. An Email will be sent with a verification code to enter into the app. Their Proovr account will then be linked to their employee profile in Proxyclick.


  • Employees are asked to enter an email verification code into their Proxyclick Proovr app to link them to their Proxyclick account.


  • After tapping confirm, the Proxyclick Proovr setup is complete. The employee is now linked to your account.

Now, when an employee opens the Proxyclick Proovr app, they will be taken to their access key:


This QR code can be scanned directly at your access control system for access in and out of your building.

You can choose to check employees in and out of Proxyclick based on them using their QR code to gain access; our team can discuss this with you during configuration.


  • This option will only be available in English until further notice. A user's default language will not impact Proxyclick Proovr at this point; it will always display English.

  • All employees will be checked out at midnight if they have not checked out manually before that time.

  • Scanning the QR code with any app other than Proxyclick Proovr will send this person to a page where they can download the correct application.

  • For synchronization of new users to an existing location, please note there may be a delay of up to an hour before a new employee is synchronized into the access system.

  • The access control integration may require software installation to connect to your access control system; our team can provide more information once you have registered your request..

See Employee Access with Proovr for further info on how we manage employee access and the options available.