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Access Control Integration

Level: Implementation Team / Client IT






This guide provides an overview of how Proxyclick integrates with an access control system using the Proxyclick access control client software.

By integrating your access control system with Proxyclick, you’re adding to your visitor’s experience by granting them control over movement inside your building. Visitors are added to the access control system when they are pre-registered in Proxyclick.

The access control integration allows:

  • QR codes that are emailed in the visitor’s invitation to be used as an access control token in, when used with compatible hardware (see below), to grant the visitor seamless access straight from their email.
  • In most cases (depending on your access control system), your site’s access control tokens can also be added to the visitor’s access profile that is created, allowing you to grant your visitors access with your existing hardware.
  • Multiple access levels are created during installation, which can be configured to restrict a visitor’s access around the site during and after their meeting.
  • A visitor’s movement in and out of the building can trigger check-in and out events in Proxyclick, or, alternatively, a visitor can be made to check in at the Kiosk to activate their access profile.

This flexibility allows you to shape your visitors’ experience further to match your organization's vision and security requirements.

During your setup, a project checklist will be provided, making sure all requirements for the environment, access control system, and client machine are covered.