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Eptura Knowledge Center

Supported sensors

Occupancy sensors

Condeco is working towards a sensor-agnostic solution to provide organizations with an ecosystem of smart sensor integrations and data, enabling workplaces to embrace future challenges seamlessly. 

Supported calendar service: The Condeco Cloud calendar service is required.

VergeSense occupancy sensors

VergeSense provides granular occupancy and utilization data and its Spatial intelligence platform helps workplace teams continuously optimize spaces for experience and cost. For more information visit

Useful links from VergeSense:

Relogix occupancy sensors

Relogix offers easy-to-install occupancy sensors.

With the Relogix insight platform, Conexus, you can compare workspace bookings created by Condeco with the actual utilization data captured by Relogix sensors, to help identify opportunities to improve the workplace experience. For more information visit:

Useful links from Relogix:

PointGrab occupancy sensors

PointGrab provides occupancy and people-counting sensors along with an analytics platform. PointGrab ceiling sensors are ideal for large area coverage and can cover up to 48m2. For more information visit: