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Migrate existing users

Learn about the prerequisites and considerations for a successful migration.


Any existing users in Condeco should be migrated to SCIM, however, before initiating the migration it is important to understand that such migrations present risks, including potential disruptions to end-user experiences. Proper planning is critical to a successful migration.


  • SCIM 2.0 compliant identity providers, such as Azure AD.
  • The latest cloud version of Condeco Enterprise.
  • Cloud customers only.
  • Forms and SSO user types are supported. Customers specify the type of users at the time of onboarding.

Before you start

To provide a seamless transition, it is critical to plan ahead. Consider the following for a successful migration:

  • The first step to a successful migration is to understand the current state of your user profiles, including where they are stored.
  • Choose the most appropriate migration method for your configuration.
  • We recommend testing a small number of users and adjust the rate limits accordingly for a larger user base.